Look lets not be crass or get weird here. There’s a gift guide out there for every size, shape and flavor of budget in the world of cycling. But, I can’t get down with stuff I’ve never had my hands on. Thus, this is the WTFKits stuff you should buy yourself guide to holiday shopping. I mean why not. 2013 has been a … year on you. You deserve a little something nice. 

So, here are few things that are easy on the budget and are nice addition to your "daily get up and go on the bike" arsenal.


A little utility, a little rad, a little style, a little art, a little bit of shitchyeah. That’s what has come around in the sick sock side of things.

Donkey Label  So not everybody knows about the D but their Merino Wool socks are dead sexy. Equal parts bike, bar and office this is now my day-to-day huge the toes sock.

Prolly is Not Probably  PINP & Team Dream Team gets ya that premium dream. I mean fuck - how can you not love this. These things are pretty rad.

(currently sold out but keep your eyes open for restock)

Kind Human Basik High Top I rode these all summer and in my travels far and wide -  DC, MD, VA, SC, NC, WI. They were super comfortable, wear well and are as they are named basic. Which extends to the price and that’s good stuff.

Crosshairs  The sock that doesn’t guarantee you #Svenness but gives you maximum black out style Wooleator points. Of course disclaimer I ride in the crosshairs kit and I have enough of these socks to get me through the end of time.

The Athletic PDX And then there was carpet. The PDX Sock popped up in my instagram feed and my response was click. click, bing and yes. They have so much fun stuff going in the shop right now I’d be buying a few more things if I didn’t have presents to buy for everyone else. 

Team Dream Bicycle Team Maybe it was the Where’s Waldo stripes, the candy cane vibe, the Captain America meets the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles or it was all those things it made me think of but shit these socks are fun for your feet. 

(currently sold out but keep your eyes open for restock)


Castelli Prima Gloves I enjoyed these in the fall commuting and doing light training. These are also solid with the touch tech that allows the fingertips to work with your phone, Garmin, etc allowing you to avoid degloving.

Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove Oh well this glove caught me off guard earlier this year and is pretty damn fine. Coverage in the mud, lots of grip and clean hands. Reminds me of some old moto gloves from the big O only with a bit more bite.

Crosshairs Defeet Glove The Classic! God damn if I don’t wear this workhorse for just about everything. Riding, working outside, random pick up hockey games where I’m bound to get high sticked for sure. Plus it pairs well with the Defeet slipstreams.

KindHuman Klassic Leather Glove I only have a handful of rides with these KindHuman mitts so far but I am impressed they’ve already started molding to my paws. I’ll be gauging these as the days/ weeks/ months roll on but from a preliminary perspective this is a very solid start.

So, looking to get something for yourself? Or, well -  whatever -  get something for somebody you really dig check those above. Tomorrow I’ll look at a jersey I adore from the past year, a cold weather hat I can’t do without and the t-shirt that got my inner fratty freak out going. 

Oh Hi Viz how you are glorious and en fuego all at once. I suppose it’s good to start at the beginning. The nefarious @teampunch and I were enjoying adult pepsis and thinking “we should do something”. So, I tossed out the idea of a night ride. Instead, lets get people stoked on riding a bit safe & like that Enter the Hi-Viz Dragon.

We put out a call to some folks for assistance and I can say how rad it was to see the response. @bikearlington came out in full force with lights, reflective bands, vests, etc all to share. Donkey Label dropped off a bunch of Pack Animals, Crosshairs Cycling passed along shades, gloves and cxhairs himself was along for the ride. Finally, Rapha came through withe a selection of Gilets and shoe covers from their new Hi-viz line. 

So what did this mean? We had a about 30-35 riders show up to start and roll out. Weird costumes, hi viz, tandems - Shit got real and real weird which was perfect. There were a few feats of strength and the hottest of laps led by the undercover accountant Mr. Mike. Larry and Jay did sneaky bike swaps while Dirty O’Donnell played fox in the uphill fox hunt. Finally we had a fun roll through some dark woods, dark streets and whoever put hills on the ride map was dealt with most severely.

Back at the Forest Inn we settled in for post ride adult pepsis and awards for costumes & feats of strength. A shark circling the table and the real live wire stepped forward as out costume winners followed by the feats of strength champions. 

All in all, a damn good time and thank you everyone for coming out. I closed out the night with a beer and a glow stick because that seemed appropriate. 

Special thanks in no particular order. 



Bike Arlington

Donkey Label


Epic Bar

Team Punch

Crosshairs Cycling

Special thanks to …



& everybody who came out to ride/hangout. Can’t wait to do it again on 11/26.

So, if you are caught in this fulfillment shitstorm you may be getting one or all of the above. #notsopro #wtfkits #svenness #cxhairs #scotchyscotchyscotch

So, if you are caught in this fulfillment shitstorm you may be getting one or all of the above. #notsopro #wtfkits #svenness #cxhairs #scotchyscotchyscotch

#SVENNESS 2.3 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

#Svenness 2.3 Is up from cxhairs 

So good.