I’m not sure when I became aware of this image of @greglemond but it was one of my favorite cycling pictures period. Shattered, shelled, destroyed, spent -  choose your word it’s the same outcome.

I’m hoping to have a few days like this in the WTFKits kit. Two more days left on the pre order. All full kit orders (bibs & jersey) will get a couple of bottles included. So, get on it if ya want it and Ill see you out there.

Two years after going live to celebrate the good, the bad and the bad ass kits of cycling around the world, WTFKits is happy to put up it’s first kit for preorder.

This week we’re doing 10% off the kit with coupon code WTF

 Order info after the jump

(And yes those are bibs, only bibs, never shorts, bibs only)

"But Greg did you not see what he has done to his cap. It can no longer contain that rakish mop he calls hair!?"

"We are Z my friend. We are Z"

Be the Z Danny. Be the Z.

All shirts:

4.2 oz. 100% 30 single combed ring-spun cotton

 Superior quality knit, shoulder taping and side seams